himalayan events and party

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I have a bank of america account and a local credit union. Guess were my money is going to.i BET IF ENOUGH POEPLE DO THIS IT WILL HURT STAND UP AND GO TO HELL WE ARE NOT DOING THIS AGIAN!

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North Africa seems to be turning toextreme Islam, a bad sign for those countries but in a funny way a good sign for Europe.Europe needs time to wake from its trance on Islam, the extremism shortly to emanate from N Africa and its immigrants to Europe will hasten the process giving Europeans the chance to get their act together before the tsunami thats Islamic colonisation / invasion can get a foothold.

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Never apologise to these graceless, porcine cretins, BCL. It's not like they have any credibility to impugn or any feelings to hurt. Of course. Being on the Left means never letting the truth get in the way of a good narrative....

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11/17 05:20

"... but I am committed to the notion that it should rightfully be up to the pregnant woman alone whether or not to abort a pregnancy."-----------That's fine. How about an addition to that: "It's a man's right to control his own wallet". Meaning that a woman can choose whether to abort or not, and a man can choose whether to support or not.All of a sudden, feminists don't like the sound of that.

11/17 05:18

Cheers, Will: Perhaps that new civilisation will be peopled by people who look like that. That Mary Danby collection's cover is inspiredly nasty--and what an odd collection of writers. Probably the only place Bram Stoker and Buzzati share a book.

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11/17 05:17

I got what you  intend,  thankyou  for posting .Woh I am  pleased  to find this website through google. “Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are.” by Noah Porter. Thanks.

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Christianity has been Judasized to the point it is no longer even a Viable Religion.  These Judases in the media have gutted Christianity of Any and All useful White Values.The TEA Party needs to become a Political Party or it will continue to operate aimlessly on the margins.  Whether the Demoncraps or the GOP become the new Whigs voted out of existence is immaterial.  The TEA Party must become a Real Party in order to be relevant...

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