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01/24 01:05

kein Gold mehr g횄짚be und die FED dieses bereits an andere Staaten weiter verkauft h횄짚tte, oder das Barren mit Wolfram gef횄쩌llt w횄쩌rden. Dies alles konnte mit dem Besuch der Kanzlerin nun ein f횄쩌r alle mal gekl횄짚rt

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01/24 01:03

Apr횄짢s yon moun lu memo wikileak la ou we ke Preval c yon nonm c swa tet m’sie pa bien ou bien m’sie c yon valpa, mafra. C pas possible pou yon neg konsa te president.

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01/24 01:02

Carissimo Cherubino tutto quello che scrivo 횄짢 previsto dagli statuti del Cammino. Inoltre dire che il Cammino non 횄짢 una associazione come tante altre non vuol dire disprezzare nessuno e sentirsi superiori. E’ la verit횄혻. Poi pensatela come volete.

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01/24 00:59

Hey O.G.!!!Yes, I saw your post, and was was very happy to see that you took me up on my challenge! :DI got in late this evening and just skimmed my reading list, but I'll read it more carefully tomorrow and comment.

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01/24 00:57

Wow…..I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! “All that is gold does not glitter not all those that wander are lost.” by J. R. R. Tolkien….

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01/24 00:57

se7enRag3 /     why are there too many people here complaining about the console, so if uncharted was made in xbox the whole issue wouldn’t have been made? both consoles are good although each have ups and downs, like for ps3 it can have the best resolution you want but it easily heats and that wouldn’t be good for long hours and for xbox it can withstand hours of gameplays but has a disadvantage of having bugs in the develpment of the games in their consoles… both are good in co-op/online so stop complaining

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01/24 00:56

Love your race pictures! Mine from my half were terrible. Like really terrible.So exciting that you got picked for the show! Can’t believe your wedding is in just over a month! Can’t wait to hear more details! :)

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01/24 00:53

hi, ajay , please give me details of the programe which i can take on a bullet 1975 model. also give me any nos of other people interested  in such a drive . from PUNE .  THANKS

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01/24 00:51

Hejsa Sanne  Ja det har det ogs횄뮼궰, Tak. Ja det g횄뮼궰쩼 fint med kuren, Man skal lige v횄뮼궰쫚ne sig til linserne og smagen men godt med krydderi p횄뮼궰 s횄뮼궰 hj횄뮼궰쫖per det   Det er go’ side du har f횄뮼궰쩯t lavet her.   Hilsen Camilla

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01/24 00:49

Mooi filmpje, erg romantisch en vooral de muziek vind ik erg mooi!!! Concratz AJ! Enjoy & have fun with this amazing photofantastic fine artistic photographer Sara Letschert!!!

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